Trendly is a Beautiful Sales & Trend Monitor for App Store Developers

Use Trendly to monitor your app downloads, updates, sales, or subscribers in a privacy-friendly way. All you need is an App Store Connect API Key.


  • Beautiful graphs, displaying your data in a meaningful way
  • Track Subscribers, Trials, MRR, Churn, and more
  • Different Lock & Home Screen Widgets
  • Notifications when new data is available
  • Everything is stored securely on device
  • Display sales in any currency you want
  • Add multiple api keys to track all your App Store accounts
  • Track real downloads instead of app units
  • Multiple alternate app icons
  • Dark mode for the app and widgets

Who is this app for?

Trendly is for App Store developers or anyone with access to App Store Connect.


Trendly offers two access levels: Free and Pro. With the free access, you can view the home page with an overview of all metrics and access detailed insights into your downloads. You can only add one API Key and will not receive rich notifications for new data. With the Pro access, you will have detailed insights into all metrics, the ability to add multiple API Keys, and receive rich notifications whenever new data is available from App Store Connect. The pricing for Pro access depends on your monthly proceeds:

  • Free Plan: Ideal for small developers who are just starting out and earning less than $100 per month. This plan is completely free of charge.
  • Starter Plan: For developers who are growing their apps and generating more than $100 per month. The cost for using TrendlyPro is $3 per month, and there is a one-week free trial available.
  • Indie Plan: For successful developers who are earning over $1,000 in proceeds per month. The Indie Plan for TrendlyPro costs $9 per month, and there is a one-week free trial included.





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